VOCAL’s Wee Breaks funding for Unpaid Carers

23 February 2023

VOCAL’s Wee Breaks funding allows carers to apply for a grant to fund activities, devices and support, which would give you a break from caring.

From a weekend in the Highlands or a day trip to Edinburgh Zoo, VOCAL can help fund carers to access a break. Their Wee Breaks service is flexible in what a break means and breaks can be taken with or without the person you care for. Carers can apply for:

• An overnight stay at a hotel

• An iPad to watch your favourite TV programmes

• A gym membership

• A voucher for lunch or dinner with a friend

• A weekend away in the countryside with family

All of these breaks will give carers time away from your normal caring routines, and can help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

For more information and to apply, please visit VOCAL’s Wee Breaks website: http://ow.ly/2qZI50MzMqO

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