The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2021: What is normality?

09 May 2021

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival: What is Normality?

The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF) is one of Scotland’s most diverse cultural events, covering everything from music, film and visual art to theatre, dance, and literature.

In 2021, SMHAF will take place from 3-23 May – online at and in regions across Scotland – and explore the theme of ‘Normality?’.

By engaging with artists, connecting with communities and forming collaborations, we celebrate the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health issues, exploring the relationship between creativity and the mind, and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

The aims of SMHAF are to:

  • challenge perceptions
  • make connections
  • develop audiences
  • encourage participation
  • create

See what events are happening in Edinburgh and the Lothians here: /

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