Through the day – a poem by Fiona

Fiona shared her wonderful poem that she has created around mental health and wellbeing. If you would like to send us your blogs and poems, please email us at

Through the day

By Fiona

Determination at its best

even on days perhaps you should rest,

get in the shower

that’s what you’ll do

for sitting around, may make you blue.

Open a window

and sit in the chair

the one by the window,

your chair over there.

Fresh air on your skin

as you feel the breeze,

its a great little feeling

 it puts you to ease.

Relaxed and refreshed

you feel alive,

for its simple in life

all we need to thrive.

Getting out more

that’s what you do,

you take your time

and you find the right shoe.

You head to a place

a little escape

perhaps to a beach, a river or lake.

You walk a while and you take in the view,

there’s no need to worry

or nothing to do.

Worries and troubles are so far away,

put them aside for another day.

For now is your time

to look from within

to tend to yourself

look after that grin.

Your rested and soothed

you’ve had just what you need,

its right there for you

everything to proceed.

Come back again

don’t leave it too long,

you don’t have to wait

for when something is wrong.

For if you feel happy, sad or bad

come and see me

I’m sure you’ll be glad.

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