Carers week with Rebecca from VOCAL

During carers week we wanted to shine a spotlight on a service that provides support to carers within Midlothian and we reached out to Rebecca from VOCAL to hear about the work they do and how they keep themselves well.

“VOCAL – Voice of Carers Across Lothian – is a charity which supports unpaid carers in Edinburgh and Midlothian in all caring situations and relationships, to help identify the issues affecting them and achieve the best possible outcome for carers.

Our team of carer support practitioners provide one-to-one support to carers online, via telephone and in person. We have a wide range of support available.

Carers are at the heart of our communities. They give up so much to care for a person and with very little in return. Caring has an impact on all aspects of their life including their finances, emotional and physical wellbeing resulting in feelings of isolation, guilt and loss. As part of our support VOCAL provides a wide ranging programme of learning events for carers, from ‘good footcare’ to ‘changing relationships’. My role at VOCAL is to provide opportunities for carers to learn essential skills and knowledge they need for caring while meeting other carers who are in a similar situation. Being part of a team that improves outcomes for carers motivates me and pushes me to do the best for carers.

Sport and exercise have been a big part of my life and I played hockey till recently. Being part of a team has been an enormous support for my mental health and self-esteem. Now I enjoy running with a friend, walking with a podcast and playing Padel tennis.  I ensure I never miss my weekly Zumba class- it’s a mindful 45 minutes trying to keep up with all the steps!! Away from sport I keep my mind healthy by checking in with myself, I am a bit of a worrier so if I am struggling with a situation it helps to write it down and work through the problem. I also try to prevent my mental health deteriorating by knowing my limits, putting boundaries in place and saying no…something that has definitely not been easy to do but I am getting better at it with age!!”

Find out more about VOCAL and the support they offer.

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