If you’re experiencing low mood, anxiety, or stress in your life, looking into self-help activities and ideas might be the right option for you. There are many different things in life that can impact your mental health and wellbeing such as your lifestyle, work, relationships, and past experiences.

This section will help you understand different mental health difficulties and how they can impact people in a range of ways. Additionally, you can find resources to help manage your symptoms and guide you to different activities and techniques to help you thrive.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Covid-19 support

Guides and resources


Information about mental health difficulties

Online support

Practical support: food, money, housing and work

Support using digital

Wellbeing tips

Your rights and accessing support


The Midspace self-help section provides information and ideas, not advice. It is not in any way an alternative to specific advice and support from a mental health professional.

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