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Learning ways of improving our mental health and wellbeing is important to all of us.

Research has shown that for many people, self-help can be an effective way of learning how to manage stress and common mental health problems.

On this page you will find up to date information about a range of self-help resources, materials and services which are easily accessible and free of charge.

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Translated Materials

Self-Help Booklets

Guided Self-Help

Healthy Reading Midlothian

Stress Control

Self-Help Websites

Translated Self-Help Materials


Translated Materials

Information available in different languages is available from the following websites. You can also download a list of websites and translation services in Edinburgh here.


Self-Help Booklets

A number of booklets and leaflets are available to view and download from this site. These leaflets are also available from other sources such as GP surgeries, community mental health nurses, and local organisations that support people with mental health difficulties. These booklets and leaflets have been organised into 3 levels.

Simply click on the titles below to access the booklets online or to print them. These files are provided in Adobe PDF © format and will open in a new window.

Level 1 – Information on Mental Health Problems

The main focus of these materials is to provide general information about mental health conditions and psychological distress.


Lothian Psychological Interventions Network Booklets

Self Help and Talking Therapies


Talking About… Series

The Talking About… booklets are from Health Scotland and reflect discussions, suggestions and comments made by service users, health professionals, professional bodies, lay and voluntary organisations.

Level 2 – Advice and Coping

These booklets provide advice on coping with psychological problems, and include some information about where to get further help and support.

Lothian Psychological Interventions Network Booklets

Depression and Antidepressants




Level 3 – Self Directed Planning

These booklets are self directed and encourage the user to be reflective. The user is encouraged to record progress through observation of changes. When using the material, the user plans and implements changes to their behaviour and routine.

Moodjuice Booklets

These self-help booklets cover a wide variety of subjects and offer useful skills to cope.

Guided Self Help

Midlothian GPs can now refer people to a 1 year Guided Self-Help pilot project.

The service is run by trained Guided Self-Help Workers.

The Workers can introduce you to and supply you with self-help materials which you can work through on your own.  These materials are designed to help you understand and address your problems independently.

Most of the materials used are based on ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ techniques (‘CBT’). The CBT approach is structured, commonly using images, self instruction and other techniques to develop thinking and strategies to enable us to overcome and deal with situations which may currently contribute to our depression or anxiety.

Workers can offer up to four 1 to 1 sessions (usually a few weeks apart) to review progress and support you to develop some of the self-help ideas further.

To find out more about Guided Self-Help contact your GP.

Healthy Reading Midlothian

Midlothian Healthy Reading is a free service that provides access to recommended self-help resources including leaflets, books, audio books, DVD’s and websites through the local library services in Midlothian. The resources cover a range of common problems such as anxiety, stress, depression and low self esteem.

They have been specially chosen because others who have used them have found them helpful and health care professionals also recommend them. The resources are available at all the public libraries in Midlothian and the Orchard Centre in Bonnyrigg. The service is confidential and available to everybody free of charge. You can drop into your local library or your GP or healthcare worker can prescribe or recommend titles that they think would be helpful.

For more information on Healthy Reading Midlothian, click here

Stress Control

Stress Control is a free 6-week evening class focusing on understanding what stress is, how it affects us and how we can manage it. The course covers common problems such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems and panic attacks. Stress Control is a presentation style class – not group therapy – so you do not have to talk about your problems in front of others. You just sit back and learn some great ways to control stress. You can bring someone with you for support and it also gets them on the same wavelength.

The approach was devised by Dr. Jim White, a Clinical Psychologist in Glasgow, and is now used across the world.

As stress is such a common problem the course is run on a regular basis in different locations across Midlothian and Edinburgh so you do not need to wait long before the next class. In Midlothian there are often around 30 people who come along to each course. As part of the course you also get a booklet, handouts and a relaxation CD. 

The course is free to attend and places can be booked by contacting Health in Mind on 0131 225 8508 or contactus@health-in-mind.org.uk

Self-Help Websites

Living Life to the Full

Free online self-help course for anxiety, depression and related mental health issues

Centre for Clinical Interventions

Website with free workbooks and resources for varied mental health issues.


Website with free workbooks and resources for varied mental health issues.

Mood Gym

Interactive self-help site for cognitive behavioural therapy for depression.