The Community Care Providers’ Forum is open to all care providers across Midlothian. If you are not receiving information please contact us to be added to the list.

The Midlothian Community Care Providers’ Development Officer will develop the effectiveness and competitiveness of community care providers and staff in Midlothian, through the promotion of training, guidance and skill development opportunities.

What We Do

The Development Officer will work with the forum to:

  • Facilitate Community Care Providers’ Forum meetings
  • Research sector-wide gaps in training
  • Identify local sources of training and support
  • Undertake training needs analysis with providers and their staff
  • Provide information to providers on training issues
  • Undertake promotional activities raising awareness of the issues and to overcome barriers to accessing training
  • Promote life-long learning
  • Promote relevant training opportunities
Tel: 0131 663 9471
Email: [email protected]

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