United to Prevent Suicide is a new unifying identity for suicide prevention in Scotland. It marks a new approach to preventing suicide as set out in Scotland’s National Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

  • Building a social movement of people with a shared belief in preventing suicide
  • Improving our knowledge and skills in suicide prevention with the development of new learning resources, available to everyone
  • Improving our approach to those bereaved by suicide through the development of a new dedicated service
  • Using digital technology to improve suicide prevention
  • A new approach to crisis care for those of us who experience suicidal thoughts
  • Increased resources to support improved local action in every area of Scotland
  • Inspiring leaders across all aspects of life in Scotland to create a culture that supports preventing suicide
  • Improving our understanding of suicidal behaviour to inform action to prevent its occurrence

This work is funded by the Scottish Government and led by the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group (NSPLG). The social movement work is jointly managed by Public Health Scotland and SAMH.

Join the movement here – www.unitedtopreventsuicide.org.uk