Young Men’s Therapeutic project is now able to take referrals for online support.

Midlothian Young Person’s Advice Service (MYPAS) is offering online support via Zoom meeting, computer gaming or through telephone for young men in Midlothian aged between 12-21.

This type of support would be for young men who are currently experiencing difficulties with their mental health. This could include:

  • feeling isolated
  • having low mood
  • showing symptoms of depression
  • signs of struggling with their emotional wellbeing

Referrals are open and there is currently no waiting list. Referrals can come from professionals, parents/carers as well as the young men themselves. Referrals can be taken over the phone, via email or by using the referral form (link at the bottom) and must always have the consent of the young man.

The team are also able to offer online gaming engagement if young men prefer. The gaming option would be a chance to talk to the young men’s worker and build a relationship while meeting on a platform they are familiar and comfortable with.

For the Zoom or telephone engagements, young men would need;

  • a stable internet connection or phone signal
  • a microphone
  • headphones or earphones
  • a safe space to talk privately without being disturbed during support sessions

For the computer gaming engagements, in addition, young men would need;

  • access to online play subscriptions such as Xbox Live or PS4 equivalent
  • access to a free-to-play computer game, such as Fortnite or Minecraft
  • headphones or earphones with a built-in microphone

If there is any further information you would like or if you would like to discuss anything further,  get in touch with the Young Men’s Therapeutic team or the MYPAS office.

Phone: 0131 454 0757

Referral form