This blog was written by Health in Mind and is featured in the Winter Wellbeing 2020 booklet. Download the full booklet for free here – Winter Wellbeing in Midlothian

The darker winter months are known to affect how we’re feeling. That’s why, now more than ever, getting outside and embracing nature is so important.

Being outdoors, even for a few minutes a day, has been shown to improve your mood, help you relax and reduce stress. That’s why particularly in these times, we should all try to take the time to get outdoors every day, or at least a few times a week.

Stepping outside is also a great chance to connect with others that you may pass on your walk. Saying ‘hello’ to someone outdoors can be great at helping to fight feelings of loneliness and make you feel more connected to your community.

Being outside lets you be more mindful and appreciate your surroundings. Try to save your texts or phone calls for when you’re back home. Bundle up in some warm clothes, take a walk in your local park or watch the sunset, and take notice of what’s around you.

And don’t forget to have a hot chocolate and a warm blanket waiting for you when you get back inside.