Midlothian Mental Health and Resilience Service (MHARS) helpline

22 September 2022

Newly launched – MHARS is a free confidential helpline for Midlothian residents aged 18-65, who experience mental health and wellbeing distress or crisis.

The service offers same-day direct access to compassionate support from a trained mental health practitioner. You don’t have to be referred by your GP or a healthcare professional.

You can expect a brief initial conversation to gather information, and then a call back within an hour to address issues in more detail.  

MHARS practitioners can connect you to relevant community resources, services and activities. They can also tailor the support to include carers, family, friends and other partner agencies.

For more information, please click here.

The MHARS helpline is open daily 8am to 10pm.

Telephone: 0800 118 2962

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