An Introduction to the Nordoff Robbins approach to Music Therapy

08 November 2021

Nordoff Robbins

Gain important insights into music therapy and those who pioneered it as you discover the vital skills of a music therapist.

Understand a person-centred approach to music therapy

This introductory six-week course will help you explore music therapy through the Nordoff Robbins person-centred approach. You’ll gain an understanding of how music therapy works today, and how the practise has developed over the last half-century. Exploring your own relationship with music along the way, you’ll discover the key elements of how music therapy works and can help in a range of settings.

Discover the work of Nordoff Robbins

You’ll examine the early work of Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins who pioneered ‘music as therapy’. Once you have understood music therapy’s roots, you’ll discover the current work carried out through the charity, Nordoff Robbins UK. You’ll explore the importance of music-making, the role of groups and communities, and the worldwide impact of the work from the UK’s largest independent provider of music therapy.

Develop the skills of a music therapist

You’ll discover how the approach to music therapy has evolved to meet the needs of our changing world, and the critical skills needed to become a music therapist, such as the importance of listening. You’ll also have an opportunity to explore therapeutic development through shared music therapy case studies. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the importance of music therapy, your relationship with music, and the role of a music therapist.

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