People in Gorebridge and the vicinity are invited to a 4 weekly cycle of free activities aimed at improving your wellbeing and encouraging positivity.

The group meet every Wednesday at 1.00 pm with a Craft group, followed by an optional, additional wellbeing activity.

At the Pop up’ hub (Old Bank Building) opposite the Gorebridge Development Trust building, 58 Main St, Gorebridge.

Week 1
1 -3.30 pm Craft afternoon/ coffee/chat/information sharing

Week 2
1 -2 pm  Crafts, Coffee Break,
2.15-3.30 pm Positivity/Resilience- Improving your wellbeing and life balance.

Week 3
1 – 2 pm Crafts, Coffee break
2.15 – 3.30 pm – Gardening /Horticulture. Enjoy the benefits of Nature and the sense of wellbeing it offers.

Week 4
1-2 pm  Crafts, Coffee break
2.15-3.30p m Relaxation/Information sharing