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Each person’s experience of mental health difficulties is different. Treatment approaches are individualised to meet the needs of that person.

Medication is one type of treatment that is used. It works best when it is part of a care programme designed to help people cope with their condition. It can sometimes be used alone or in combination with other non-medial treatments e.g. talking or complementary therapies.

Individuals respond differently to medication and it may take some time to find the most suitable one to treat the condition. Medication should be regularly reviewed for its usefulness in controlling symptoms and its side-effects.

There are lots of different types of information about individual medicines, in leaflets, books, videos and on the internet. Leaflets usually contain information on what a medicine is for, what the side effects are and advice on how to take the medicine.

All medicines licensed in the UK must have an approved patient information leaflet inside the packaging. This leaflet should always be provided with the medicines. Ask for a leaflet from the Pharmacist if there isn’t one with the medicine.

Questions and Advice

If you have any questions or need advice about any medicines you are taking then speak to your Doctor, Pharmacist or Nurse.

SAMH Factsheets

You can access a range of Medication leaflets produced by Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH). Click on the links below to view the following factsheets produced by SAMH:

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These web sites may be useful. Please note that we are not responsible for external sites; if you find any broken links or inappropriate content please report it to the site administrators using the feedback page.

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    Royal College of Psychiatrists website. Provides a range of mental health information, including a range of factsheets on topics such as: Anxiety and Phobias, Bereavement, Depression, Drugs and Alcohol, Post-traumatic stress, Stress, Schizophrenia.
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  • NHS24


    NHS 24, medical helpline

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