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What is Healthy Reading?
Healthy Reading Youth Scheme

What is Healthy Reading?

Healthy Reading Midlothian is a free and confidential service that provides people who are affected by mild to moderate mental health problems, and their carers, access to effective, evidence-based, self-help resources.  The service provides:

  • Self help booksand booklets
  • Audio books
  • DVDs
  • Leaflets
  • Recommended websites

The resources cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Anxiety 
  • Stress
  • Depression 
  • Low Self Esteem 
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders 
  • Eating Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sleep problems
  • Alcohol abuse

The resources have been chosen because other users  have found them helpful and Health Care Professionals also recommend them. The books help the reader to manage their health problems and regain their confidence and enjoyment of life.

Where Will I Find These Resources?
The resources are available at all the public libraries in Midlothian and the Orchard Centre in Bonnyrigg. The service is confidential and available to everybody free of charge and there is a list of resources available in other languages.

GPs and Healthcare professionals can ‘prescribe’ or ‘recommend’ specific self-help titles alongside, or as an alternative to, medication, psychological therapy or referral to other mental health services.  Patients can then borrow the selected resource from their local library or the Orchard Centre.  Alternatively, individuals can ‘self-refer’ to the service by accessing the resources the same as any other library resource.

What do I Need?
All you need is a library card. You can get this from any of the libraries in Midlothian. This allows you to borrow up to 20 items and have free internet access at the library. If you have been given a prescription by your GP or healthcare worker and are not a member of the library yet, you can get a card by simply handing your prescription to the library staff.

How Long can I Keep the Books?
You can borrow any of the resources for up to 8 weeks. You can also renew them as long as no one else wants them. You can do this in the library, by phone or online. Just have your library card number handy.

How else can the Library Help me?
At the library you can browse the internet for free, you may have to book if the computers are busy.  There are many other self help books on a whole range of topics and you can also find information on local groups and clubs that may interest you.

Who is Involved in Healthy Reading Midlothian?

Healthy Reading Milothian is a partnership between NHS Lothian, Midlothian Library Services and Choose life. The service has been developed by the Department of Clincal Psychology, Health Promotion, the Library Sevice and Midlothian Wellbeing Interventions Network. 

Where can I get Further Information?

Call into any Midlothian library or e-mail [email protected]


Healthy Reading Youth Scheme

This scheme promotes useful books for children and young people. Any child, young people or their family member living in Midlothian can use the scheme and resources can be found in any Midlothian public library.

You can download a leaflet about the scheme here and also information about the scheme here. There is also a helpful reading list available here and also a resource list to print that might be helpful here. For more information you can contact Karen Forrester at [email protected]

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  • Midlothian Libraries
    There are ten libraries in Midlothian. It is free to join and use your local library.

Phonelines Related to Healthy Reading Midlothian

  • Breathing Space

    0800 83 85 87

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  • Childline

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  • NHS24


    NHS 24, medical helpline

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